February Fizzle?!?

17 February 2022 By Coach Amanda Basek

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If you decided to make big changes to your diet or exercise routine in December, and then you made the almighty New Year’s Resolution in January, but find yourself waning halfway through February… you are not alone! It’s normal if that rush of excitement and motivation has passed. There’s absolutely no shame here. But, if you’re in a slump, I have some ideas that may help!


If that February fizzle is real, perhaps you should reevaluate your goals. Then pinpoint your weakest habits with your coach, and shift your behavior to tackle those that are REALLY holding you back!


Is it fun?? Do you finish working out with a smile on your face and feel good about what your body can do? Or do you hate running, but resolved to run five days a week and are miserable with every step. If you don’t want to do it again consistency goes out the window. So, focus on activities you like, which might take some exploration and time.


One of the 7 Heavenly Habits that affects all others! Nothing kills motivation like a bad night’s sleep because you feel run down. Research shows that quality sleep leads to better workouts, which then leads to better overall health and energy levels.


Just because the scale isn’t budging much doesn’t mean you’re failing. Don’t give up! Those 5 minute actions WILL add up! Eating more consistently in a healthier way WILL pay off. Heck, choosing berries over donuts to curb a sweet tooth is a big lifestyle change that you should be proud of. That 10-minute walk after lunch, or being able to do five pushups now when you couldn’t do any a month ago… HUGE. Those are all wins that will lead to the best possible you, even if you haven’t lost much weight.


Having motivation all the time for a whole year to reach a huge goal is darn near impossible! So keep changing things up allowing you to feel accomplished with each milestone- spurring on the motivation. Maybe this week you’re finishing all carbs before 3 pm. Or you’re adding 5 minutes to your walk or one more set to your weightlifting routine. Talk with your coach about setting short term goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timebound…. (SMART!) Now let’s go get it!

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