yes! it's time to re-write your life design!

You're exhausted. Life seems to ask more from you than you are able to offer. You know you need to prioritize your health but you have almost no motivation to get to the gym and you are sick of feeling like you are starving on the next "new" diet fad.

And then...

You return to the one thing that is always there to provide comfort...Comfort Food. Why? Because who has time to meal prep a meal you don't want to eat? And now that you've had food you know is not good for you, you feel worse, and going to a gym is the last thing you want to do.

I can help!

Helping people just like you bring back self-confidence, self-control, health and yes - real joy! - has become the greatest job I've ever had (after being a mom of course!).

The Simple Disciplines Coaching Program has changed my life, the lives of my fellow coaches, and the lives of HUNDREDS of men and women JUST LIKE YOU!


  • You will not feel like you are starving.
  • You will not be forced to eat foods that leave you unsatisfied.
  • You will not have to suffer through difficult workouts you hate

In this program, you will learn everything you need to know in order to build a healthy body, enjoy healthy activity and design a healthy lifestyle.

You will develop the skills to master your emotions and respond to life's stressors with self-control and balance. You will build self-confidence, no longer feeling guilty after meals or when passing by mirrors. And you will develop deep and meaningful connections, not only with likeminded people in our program, but with yourself.

Be sure you know and understand the difference between "I failed" and "I am a failure"!

Your past doesn't shape your future. That dusty treadmill, or unused gym membership, or expensive meal prepping service might have failed you; but this is not the same thing as YOU failing YOU.

For the first time, with my program, you will have the accountability, support and resources to make permanent change. You'll discover the subconscious thoughts and feelings that have led you to poor eating behavior. You'll understand how the brain can work both FOR you and AGAINST you and how to coach yourself as each new obstacle of life presents itself.

What Now?

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Still Not Sure?

There are a number of reservations you may have right now. You may be afraid this will just be another investment that fails you again.... Or how will I ever find the time to keep up with all that I am asked to do.... Or how will I be successful if my spouse, job or family keeps sabotaging me!?!?!

The best time to plant a tree is 100 years ago....

The second best time is now!

Life does not get easier. You do not get MORE time. The perfect time will never appear. Whether it's Christmas, Easter, Summer Break, Halloween, Thanksgiving, a wedding, a funeral, a graduation or even Taco Tuesday - the perfect excuse is waiting for you just around the corner.

You need only ask yourself 3 questions:

  • Does Amanda seem like a great person and a great coach that I would want to communicate with on an almost daily and regular basis? Being vulnerable, sharing my goals, working towards a healthier life? (You'll need to decide that and I'd be happy to schedule a zoom call with you as well, just to chat!)

  • Does this program appear legit? I mean - has it actually worked with other people like me and is it plausible I will also get results? (Check out my reviews and testimonials)

  • Am I ready to make an investment in myself? AM I WORTH IT? (Yes - of course you are worth it!!!)

So after you've done your research, make the committment! You'll be so much happier moving forward, being fully present and engaged in your life!

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