Sleep/Diet Connection

6 June 2022 By Coach Amanda Basek

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Sleep and Diet connection

Summer is upon us and with longer days, we’re tempted to stay up later. After all, we were still somewhat quarantined last year, so why shouldn’t we finally catch up with loved ones we missed so much? As a life coach, I recommend that you absolutely SHOULD! It’s good for your soul! Simply be mindful of it. 😉

Here’s why…

Gatherings often include food.

Even the healthiest foods consumed too close to bedtime can result in sleep disruptions, especially if you indulge. Why? Because digestion is WORK! It can raise your body’s core temperature thus destroying your sleep quality, not to mention causing digestive issues.

To make matters worse, lack of sleep can negatively impact your appetite profile, creating a vicious cycle. It’s because when you’re sleep-deprived, you increase the production of a hormone called ghrelin (which makes you want to eat more) and suppress a hormone called leptin (which promotes satiety). In other words, you’d be eating more and feeling less satisfied. No no no!

You should just drink margaritas instead!

Had you for a second there, didn’t I? 🤣

Alcohol is a sedative, and yes, you’ll fall asleep (lose consciousness) faster. However, a baseball bat to the head does the same thing and that certainly doesn’t mean you’re getting quality ZZzz’s! The truth is, booze fragments your sleep, even if you don’t remember waking up throughout the night. It also blocks the REM phase, leaving you unrefreshed, even if you slept 8 hours.


  1. Stop eating by 8:00 or 3 hours before bedtime.

  1. Plan ahead if you’re going to a BBQ that starts late by eating most of your daily calories beforehand, and saving the get-together for a couple of light favorites.

  1. Keep the drinks to a minimum, and as far away from bedtime as possible!

So go ahead and enjoy socializing again well past the sunset. Just remember that breakfast is only a few hours away!

Coach Amanda B

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