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11 March 2022 By Coach Amanda Basek

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I Hate Needles!

Today I needed a blood draw, and yes, I HATE needles. After enduring perhaps 1,000 sticks during fertility treatments and pregnancy, I have simply had enough.

I took this fear, anxiety and overall negative attitude to the appointment that day; but, as I walked in the front door, I had a moment of self-reflection.

My Attitude is My Choice

Greeting me inside the clinic was a 20-something who seemed far to stressed and overworked for such a young age, and I saw this as an opportunity to change their day!

I put on my very best smile and belted out a big "hello!" and "Nice to meet you!" to the white coat before me; and, wouldn't you know it, my positive attitude seemed to impact the person before me. Suddely, or so it seemed, he was smiling under his mask, sharing stories of his personal life as if we had been old friends.


It can be easy to see our age through a negative lense. Old and weathered instead of experienced, wise and smart. I'm 44 but my age doesn't define me. I'm fit and healthy, I have an amazing child I love with all my heart, and everything I could ever want for. Why should I let a few moments of discomfort effect my attitude, my whole day, and the impact I have on others I come in contact with?

International Women's Day

Yes, on this International Women's Day, I am proud to be a woman and all the amazing women who have come before me who have looked much more difficult circumstances in the face and said "do your worst, for I will do mine!".

Each of us has the power of choice.

So how is your day going to be today? You decide!

Coach Amanda B

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