My hubcap fell off!

11 May 2022 By Coach Amanda Basek

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My Hubcap Fell Off? Strange title for a blog right? Ok so let me explain…

Sometimes I feel like my body is breaking down like an old car!

Recently I’ve been faced with a couple of minor setbacks in my fitness due to some of those "parts breaking". First, it was sciatica brought on by a cough that threw out my back (ah the woes of aging!). Shortly after, I sprained my thumb doing something I love 🤬 - cardio kickboxing & heavy bag class (highly recommend btw)!

To make matters worst, Memorial Day is fast approaching.

So why does this matter?...

Every Memorial Day my gym (@NJBluetitan) does a huge community workout in honor of Medal of Honor recipient Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a U.S. Navy SEAL killed in action and forever memorialized in the movie "Lone Survivor" with Mark Wahlberg. Every Memorial Day, we do what was known to be his favorite workout...and it's a doozy.

1 Mile

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Air Squats

1 Mile

*All with a weighted vest*

Tired yet?

I’ve been doing a version of this workout for almost a decade now! Even 4 months post-partum. I tucked my tiny (but heavy) child into a baby snuggie and performed a VERY modified Murph with him on my chest (I’m pretty proud of that 🥰)! This event is special and I just love the comradery of this day, so I try not to miss it.

With a hard cast on my hand, and a recovering back, I first thought I can’t do Murph right? WRONG!

Just because I can’t flatten my hand down to do push-ups, doesn’t mean I can’t do some alternate version that still kicks my butt and let's me partake in the community fun. And for pull ups, I usually sub ring-rows anyway so what's the big deal? Besides, like I always say, we’re not training for the Olympics here! Let’s be honest, we’re not trying to WIN Murph! Nobody’s watching or really cares if we finish in 30 minutes or an hour, if we do it Rx or scaled.

They’re too busy trying to beat their own PR... or just survive it! 🤣

What's the point of this all?

Simply that there is nothing to stop someone from doing something they are deadset on doing...if they are deadset on doing it...and willing to adapt to the situation or circumstance. Attitude is everything and YOU choose which one you bring to the day.

Walk the 2 miles if running isn't your speed.

Wear the vest, or don’t!

Do the push-ups on your knees.

Nobody cares...just SHOW UP!

Take this next few weeks before the big day and log your progress to give you a little confidence, and to keep you accountable for doing your best.

And one last pro-tip... You don’t have to tell anyone you’re doing it all!

Social media puts unnecessary pressure on us to post amazing photos of a toned body glistening in the sun after a grueling workout. Stay off and stay away if it affects your confidence and always keep in mind that social media is a distorted version that captures people at their best and rarely at their worst.

So stay positive, stay flexible, and show up!

-Coach Amanda

Coach Amanda B

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